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Our Firm

Financial Recovery Strategies (FRS) was founded in 2008 with the mission of recovering its clients as much money as possible while adhering to the highest level of professional ethics and standards, providing our customers best-in-class services with no financial risk. Located just outside of New York City, FRS is a dynamic corporation comprised of professional specialists whose impressive backgrounds include solid careers in law, class action claims administration, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy, accounting, financial asset and corporate management. These combined experiences explain the favorable relationships FRS cultivates with Fortune 500 companies.



Since 2008, FRS has already been responsible for obtaining for its clients over $200 million in class action settlement recoveries.



We provide our clients with industry leading services without cost or risk, while adhering to the highest level of professional ethics and standards.



The FRS team has developed research solutions to significantly reduce the amount of time required by your in-house team. We keep your sensitive data private, and minimize the hassle of searching for old or destroyed documentation.

Our Success

Not only does FRS establish long-term relationships, but
also focuses its efforts on maximizing your company’s
profits through unparalleled class action claims
management. FRS consistently identifies and improves
cutting edge recovery services, while taking pride in its
superior customer service and customer satisfaction.

FRS is entrusted by over
20,000 clients every day.


The FRS Code of Business Conduct & Ethics (the “Code”)
requires every FRS employee to operate ethically and to
lead with integrity. The Code describes how each
employee should interact with the various groups that have
a stake in FRS’s success. This synopsis provides
examples of the principles embodied in the Code that FRS
employees are instructed to follow.

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