FRS UP was created to extend FRS's unparalleled claims management services to its clients’ unclaimed property recovery needs. We have built a team of professionals and developed systems and tools to identify and obtain funds being held by state, federal, provincial, and foreign agencies. FRS UP's mission is to maximize the funds received from abandoned assets with as little organizational impact to our clients' stakeholders as possible, putting more money and time back to your company.

Our Process

FRS has spent the last eleven years building the best team in the industry for class action claims management. We have recovered, on our clients’ behalf, over $200M from class action settlements and other recovery opportunities. Our Unclaimed Property division – FRS UP – allows us to increase the asset recovery opportunities for our clients and return more money to its rightful owners.

Why FRS?

Research Team

Using proprietary research methods, FRS UP will uncover funds being held by state unclaimed property offices and bankruptcy courts, federal, city, and county agencies in the US and throughout the world.


In-house legal team will assure statutory compliance and best practices.


Prepare and assemble the claim package and all documentation necessary to recover the funds.


Endeavor to recover funds for all eligible business units (e.g. subsidiaries, divisions, acquisitions and divestitures).


Because funds may be listed under wrong addresses, misspelled company names, etc., if necessary, advocate with the agencies to prove that the available funds belong to our clients.


Provide our clients with bi-weekly updates and reports on the recovery process.


Audit the assets approved by the agencies to assure that they are complete.

Follow Up

Follow up with our clients to assure that the recovery checks are deposited.

FRSUP will provide your business with unparalleled service, no up-front costs, and minimal usage of your team's time

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