Class Action Spotlight (Week Ending April 28, 2023)

Financial Recovery Strategies keeps up to date on the latest in class action developments.  Here is a recap of some of the latest key developments.

NuLife Med Settles Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

The Manchester, New Hampshire-based medical equipment company, NuLife Med, has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that was filed in response to a March 2022 data breach that affected more than 80,000 individuals. (Read full article)

Chicago driving ticket lawsuit worth $20M granted class action status

If you’re one of the 90,000 people ticketed by Chicago police for using a cell phone while driving, there’s a chance you might be part of a new class action lawsuit. The suit, approved by a Cook County judge Friday, alleges the city illegally collected millions of dollars in fines it wasn’t entitled to. (Read full article)

You can now apply for your share of a $725 million Facebook data privacy settlement. Here’s how

Facebook users who had an active account at any point between May 2007 and December 2022 can now apply to receive a piece of parent company Meta’s $725 million settlement related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. (Read full article)

Trial starts in $1.6-billion class action lawsuit over deadly 2020 Oregon fires

A trial connected to a $1.6-billion class action lawsuit against utility PacifiCorp over the catastrophic Labor Day 2020 wildfires in Oregon began Tuesday in Portland. The fires in 2020 killed nine people, burned more than 1,875 square miles in Oregon and destroyed upward of 5,000 homes and structures. (Read full article)

Judge Approves $12 Million Settlement in Kona-Led Class Action Case

The last remaining non-bankrupt defendant in the four-year-old class action suit brought about by a group of coffee farmers from Kona, Hawaii, has agreed to a $12 million settlement, according to court records. (Read full article)

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