Class Action Spotlight (Week Ending August 18, 2023)

Financial Recovery Strategies keeps up to date on the latest in class action developments.  Here is a recap of some of the latest key developments.

Scotiabank faces $550m class action over alleged Labour Code breaches

Scotiabank is facing a $550 million class action suit over claims it breached the Canada Labour Code by failing to provide certain current and former employees with the minimum vacation and statutory holiday pay. (Read full article)

Apple to start paying out claims in iPhone battery slowdown lawsuit

The United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has cleared the way for payments to be sent to members of a class action suit against Apple for deliberately slowing iPhones with aging batteries. (Read full article)

N.J. federal judge OK’s class action suit against top field turf company

In 2016, the borough of Carteret filed a lawsuit against a top U.S. maker of artificial turf for knowingly selling a defective product. A federal judge in New Jersey has now ruled that the case could become a class action suit involving several other municipalities and school districts throughout New Jersey, as well as New York, Pennsylvania and California. (Read full article)

Judge Rules HP Must Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Disabled Printers

Printers are one of the great necessary evils in our modern world, much to the chagrin of consumers. Now a federal judge has ruled that HP must face a class action lawsuit, in which the plaintiffs argue that the company’s all-in-one printers brick themselves when the ink runs low. (Read full article)

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