FRS has secured for the government of Cook County, Illinois a recovery of nearly $2 million.  That recovery resulted from the settlement of a 2013 parens patriae lawsuit in which the Illinois Attorney General alleged that numerous manufacturers fixed and/or inflated the prices of liquid crystal display monitors.

Cook County is one of more than 250 clients for which FRS secured recoveries from this settlement. In total, FRS recovered more than $24 million for its clients.  Using its experience, FRS guided the County in identifying more than 40,000 eligible LCD screens purchased between 1998-2006, including those used in computers, notebooks, TVs and various types of smaller products.  These screens were used in the County’s offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, first responder vehicles and elsewhere throughout the County facilities.

“I had no idea what this endeavor would amount to, or if we could even get the work done,” said Timothy O. Schneider, Cook County Board Commissioner.  “I thought maybe the County could reap a few bucks, and we certainly didn’t realize at the outset just how many monitors we had that may be eligible for this class action.  But we jumped in with FRS, whose guidance and knowledge of the process was integral to identifying the eligible products, to seek and secure these funds. FRS led us to receiving an extraordinary sum.”

FRS is paid on an agreed-upon contingent-fee basis, only upon and from the recoveries it obtains for its clients.  As such, there is no financial risk to those clients.

“Companies and municipalities typically don’t realize the variety and financial depth of class actions settlements from which they may be eligible to recover, nor do most have the time, resources or experience to pursue and maximize the substantial monies for which they are eligible,” said Michael Epstein, CEO and President of FRS.

“The Cook County Board of Commissioners understood that we could drive this for them with no financial risk to the County.  We’re appreciative of the opportunity to help the County secure this substantial sum for the benefit of its tax payers, and are grateful to Attorney General Lisa Madigan for her pursuit of this opportunity.”

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