Class Action Claims Management Advantage: Awareness

There are many advantages to being an FRS claims management client. One major advantage is being kept aware of all potentially valuable class and other representative action recoveries. FRS monitors scores of federal and state antitrust and consumer class actions across the country. FRS’s clients need not use their own resources to identify potentially valuable cases or to stay abreast of relevant case developments and settlements. As a result, FRS’s clients are far less likely than non-clients to miss recovery opportunities, and far more likely to be prepared to respond to the informational and documentation requirements of claims processes. Set forth below are a few significant examples of how clients’ pre-FRS unawareness nearly lost substantial recoveries that were then discovered by FRS:

  • FRS’s client, a world leader in the distribution of chemicals and related products and services, had itself incorrectly determined that it was not eligible to recover from the settlement of the Vitamin C Antitrust Litigation. While in discussions with FRS, the deadline passed for the first distribution; as a result, the soon-to-be FRS client missed out on a $748,000 recovery. FRS then established that over $19,000,000 of their purchases were eligible, which resulted in a recovery of over $1.4 million. Left to their own devices, they would not have filed; as a result of FRS’s advocacy, however, they were the largest claimant in the entire settlement.
  • One of the nation’s leading providers of home respiratory services and medical equipment did not believe that it was eligible to recover from the settlement of the Polyurethane Foam Indirect Litigation, and had many misconceptions about the process and about the products that would qualify. FRS’s consulting led to a claim that included purchases of $206,000.
  • A telecommunications company was unaware of, and would not have recovered from the settlements of, the LCDI and DRAM litigations. As a result of FRS’s efforts, however, the client recovered approximately $225,000.
  • A large corporation headquartered in a state that was not eligible to participate in the settlement of LCDI litigation would not have filed a claim until FRS’s research discovered that certain of their locations were in eligible states. FRS’s efforts resulted a recovery of over $900,000 that otherwise would not have been realized.
  • A large northeastern healthcare system that, prior to FRS’s intervention, was unaware of its eligibility to recover from the settlement of the US Foodservice litigation, recovered over $1,800,000 that, but for FRS’s efforts, would not have been recovered.
  • An industry leader in the IT infrastructures sector was not aware of its eligibility to recover from the settlement of the DRAM settlement, and, in any event, did not have the required records. As a result of FRS’s innovative alternative approach, however, the client recovered over $602,000.

Just the 5 examples above account for approximately $6.5 million in recoveries that our clients would not have realized without FRS’s monitoring of federal and state class actions throughout the U.S.

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